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Auto Return Tenoner IST1A10D/N35B-DV04S

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Auto Return Tenoner

  • After processing & discharging materials, caterpillar chain reverses and materials come back to the operator who can work independently.
    (Cutting tools retract automatically)
  • By function that sets the cutting tools' positions automatically, the machine processes length side and width side in order. It should be space-saving at the discharge side.
  • As to an adjustment of the hold down unit, it's an auto type.
  • The design is simple, making a drive shaft unnecessary on the upper discharging side.
  • Both columns open & close at 20m/min at high speed.
Name Auto Return Tenoner
Model IST1A10D/N35B-DV04S
Working Dimensions Width 250~3100㎜
Working Dimensions Length 250~3100㎜
Working Dimensions Thickness Max 50mm
Revolution speed 3000/3600rpm (50/60Hz)
Scoring 2.2kWx2P 2units Direct Motor
Hogging 5.5kWx2P 2units Direct Motor
Milling Optional
Cutting Tool φ305xφ25.4
Feed Rate Max 32m/min
Driving Motor 2.2kWx4P 1unit Inverter Control
Column Traveling Rate Max 20m/min
Column Opening/Closing Direction Center basis L/R Columns Both traveling
Column Traveling Motor 2kW AC servo motor 1unit
Required Air Volume 0.5MPa 150L/min(ANR)
Required Compressed Air Over 18m3/min 4 points
Power Supply 3 Phases AC200V 50/60Hz

※There may be cases to change exterior or specifications without notice.