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High Speed Double End Tenoner for Flooring IST2A02H/H30C-DR10S


High Speed Double End Tenoner for Flooring

  • Linear guide is equipped for opening and shutting columns as a standard. It leads to high speed opening and shutting with accuracy.
  • There are two columns to keep a hold down steady and maintain powerful hold down.
  • Beveling spindle is high rigidity and installing high frequency motors. The machined surface is excellent.
  • In order to use high quality caterpillar chain, guide rail and big driven wheel, they enhance high speed ability.
Name High Speed Double End Tenoner for Flooring
Model IST2A02H/H30C-DR10S
Working Dimensions Width 75~650mm
Working Dimensions Thickness Max 60mm
Circular Saw 5.5kWx2P 4 units
Beveling 2.2kWx2P 2 units
Milling 5.5kWx2P 4 units
Feed Rate Max 150m/min
Driving Motor 7.5kWx4P 1unit Invertor Control
Column Traveling Motor 0.75kWx4P 1unit
Required Air Volume 0.5MPa 100L/min(ANR)
Power Supply 3 Phases AC200V 50/60Hz

※Body Cover is an option.
※There may be cases to change exterior or specifications without notice.