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Double End Tenoner IST Series

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What's Double End Tenoner?

The machine processes tenon on both sides of materials with feeding materials on the caterpillar chain. You can call it "Automatic Tenon Machine", but generally its called "Double End Tenoner" or "Tenoner".

DET is equipped with spindles, caterpillar chain for feeding materials on high rigid bases and hold down unit for materials on columns of both sides.

One of the columns is fixed, another column travels and sets the processing width. Due to processing materials automatically and continuously, production capacity is very high and very good for mass production.

The spindles which are equipped with each columns, it's possible to combine with vertical, horizontal and inclined spindles by needs. They process various profiles, such as tongue and groove, sizing, beveling, shiplapping and grooving on both sides of materials with high efficiency and accuracy.

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The machine processes only sizing is called "Double Sizer" or "Sizer".

Use of Double End Tenoner

DET processes flooring, doors, partition, system kitchen, furniture, celling, outer wall, gypsum plaster, aluminum, resinoid materials by circle saws and cutters.

Why our DET is chosen?

You can choose optimal model and mechanism from many options in order to meet your demand. We can take care of customers' needs.

As to flooring processing, our customers use DET to process with high accuracy (straightness and squareness) and at high speed. Some customers use DET for length-cutting processes at the rate of over 100m/min, DET for cross-cutting processes at the rate over 50 m/min. Our DET has a 90% market share in the flooring field in Japan.

As to processing outer wall (Siding, ALC etc.), needless to say, DET processes with high accuracy, also continuous operation for 24 hours is possible with stability, durability and dust resistance.

As to processing furniture and building materials, some customers use our DET for small lot production of many products. It's possible to set-up quickly with auto positioning indicator.

Edge Process

Processing materials on both sides with high accuracy.

Various spindles specialized for hogging, molding and grooving.

Type of Spindle

You can choose a high frequency motor of direct drive type or belt drive type.

Various Spindles

Ability to set various spindles.
You can choose spindles to depend on profiling.


Example for cutting tools' flange
Ability to manufacture a flange for a cutting tool.

You can install a hydro sleeve on the market.

Inclined Spindles

Direct drive spindles can change angles.

Column Movement

Column travels smoothly to use liner guide.

Column position shows in digital.

Caterpillar Chain

Excellent traveling of caterpillar chain

High Accuracy Process

Achieve high accuracy in cutting by positioning the materials & caterpillar chain closest to the cutting surface.

Type of Caterpillar Chain

You can choose the width appropriate to materials' width.

You can choose the type of processing small pieces, valuing stability traveling
high speed traveling.

feeding Mode

Continuous feeding, Intermittent feeding
Drive system depends on a use.

Dog feeding

As to cross cutting, a dog feeding on the long side basis helps processing right angles.

Type of Pressure equipment

You can choose from roller or pressure belt.

Direct Type

Direct type for small pitch.

Hinge Type

Hinge type makes the impact weaken when materials touch.

Air Cylinders

The pressurization is by air cylinders.

Hold Down Unit keep material pressing consistency.
Hold Down Unit prevents materials from deviating, rebounding and over-running.

Pressure Sensors

When air pressure malfunctions, the machine stops immediately by pressure sensors.

Thickness Detectors

When overlapping or thicker materials infeed, the machine stops immediately by thickness detectors.

Straight Edge

The straight edge is possible to move in parallel.

Manual Pump

Manual pump is equipped to lubricate each parts.

Rigidity and Durablity

Trusted production by the structure with rigidity and durability.

Various options such as,

※We can suggest the best option which depends to materials, processing and infeeding.


Revolution speed of spindle motors is controlled by inverters.

Jumping funtion of the spindles

Jumping function of main spindle

Type of Column Movement

Column auto positioning type ・ High speed traveling type

Options of the Caterpillar Chains

Low abrasion type which depends on materials and processing method.

The parts which prevent the face of materials from scratching and over-running.

Auxiliary Hold Down

Auxiliary hold down which enables to process more stable.

Side Pushers and Pinch Roller

Side pushers for supporting to push materials to the straight edge.

Pinch Roller for supporting to in-feeding materials smoothly.

Discharging Belt

Discharging belt for supporting to discharge short materials.

Auto Lubrication Pump

Auto lubrication pump

Body Cover

Body Cover for sound proofing, dust proofing and safety.

Example for mechanical specifications
Working Dimensions Width 75~310mm
Working Dimensions Length 600~2450mm
Working Dimensions Thickness 8~25mm
Feed Rate    Length Cutting 30~90m/min
Feed Rate    Cross Cutting 8~40m/min

※Specifications would be determined by customization.