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High Speed Gluing Line ISM Series

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What's High Speed Gluing Line?

This machine glues the face panels and cores in a short time.

It consists of the preheat device for heating cores, the roll coaters for gluing adhesives after heating cores, the pressing device for pressing laminated face panels & cores.

High Speed Gluing Line face panels and cores
preheat device

Heat cores by the preheat device.

roll coaters

Glue adhesives by the roll coaters.


Overlay cores and face panels.

pressing device

Press by the pressing device.
Finish gluing.

Use of High Speed Gluing Line

Table, Doors, Closets, Partitions, Ceilings, Flooring and so on.
Other materials are required to glue.

Why our HSGL is chosen?

Originally, when flash panel and plywood are glued, they are glued at normal temperature, and press them. It takes a couple of hours to dry naturally. That's why this is low production, and needs spacious space for the pressing device.

HSGL takes advantage of nature which adhesives harden with removal moisture. It heats materials before gluing. After gluing, adhesives' moisture removals and harden its. So it's possible to press some surface panels in a short time. Therefore it achieves to produce with high efficiency and space-saving.

Ability to process right after gluing.

Since we started selling High Speed Gluing Machine, our customers have used it for a long period.

2 or 3 lanes

Ability to glue in a short time.

Ability to reduce cycle time by 2 or 3 lanes.

multi-production product

Enable feeding many kinds of materials so that can adapt to multi-production product with array of various main spindles.

hydraulic cylinders

The preheat device & pressing functions are controlled by hydraulic cylinders for consistency.

digital display

The pressing power shows a digital display.

electric heater

The preheat device's power is a electric heater as user-friendly.
Due to simple, few malfunctions and easy maintenance.。

temperture are controlled

Up/down heat plates' temperature are controlled in several points.
Whole heat plates' temperature keep consistency.


Easy to adjust the temperature by digital devices.


Ability to make reservations for heaters' on/off of the power supply in a week's calendar timer.
Possible to turn on the preheat system before starting work.

roll coaters

It's equipped with auto positioning device for the height of roll coaters.

Roll coasters enable to glue the surface, the back and both.

Adhesives feeder

The feeder equipment applies adhesives automatically.

Working Dimensions (Example)
Width 70~1000mm
Length 500~2450mm
Thickness core 8~25mm
face panel 2~6mm
Cycle time 約40sec

※They would be determined by customization.
※Cycle Time depends on materials, adhesives and so on.
※Please feel free to contact us.